I am a peruvian artist located in Vienna since the last six years. I started my artistic career specializing in sculptors made out of metal, with a focus on space and the perception of it. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and belong to the third generation of a Peruvian artisan silversmith family. My first contact with creating was through my grandmother, whom I grew up with. She showed me how to use various tools – including silversmith – as medium to transmit a conception of life based on Andean cosmovision as the search for harmony with and orientation through nature.

My way of working has been very impulsive. Looking back at my production of art, I came to realize that through my artwork I try to close a gap, reconnect with, revalue and reactivate traditional Andean culture and my Andean identity. I want to explore what forms of values, thoughts, knowledge, imagination and visual perception colonialism has brought about the Andean societies, creating tensions and discrepancies with traditional cosmovisions and ways of living.

With my work i am looking for that critically approaches existing “modern” values etc. and rework, decolonize, and help to de/re-learn through art. Traditional Andean thoughts and cosmovisions that have partly been suppressed and discriminated serve as a base and starting point, and not westerns thoughts and art.




2001-2004   Bachelor’s Degree in Human Sciences and Psychology, Pontifical Catholic University of Perú

2005-2011   Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú, Lima, Perú.

2019-           Master Degree in Art & Science at the Angewandte University of Viena, Austria



2020   Recinto. Community based project. Shucush, Rodriguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, Peru.

2019     San Marcos-Huanca. Site-specific sculpture/performance. San Marcos, Peru.

2019     Laundry service, open studio Exhibition-  Art & Science | University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria.

2019     Is this Intimacy? In the framework of the 5th edition of Curators’ Agenda in collaboration with theUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna,

             BLOCKFREI presents a mutual group exhibition taking place at KRINZINGER PROJECT, Vienna, Austria.

2019     Tierra Prometida. Asentamiento Humano Tierra Prometida. Ica, Perú

2018     Publication of Artwork in Parabol AM9-THE RITUAL-Verena Melgarejo & Imayna

             Cáceres-Vienna Contemporary, Wien, Austria.

2017     Land(e)scape // Designtransfer-Berlin-Universitat der Kunste Berlin, Germany.

2016     Land(e)scape. Workshop, HBKsaar – Völklinger Hütte – Neunkirchen, Saarbrücken, Germany.

2016     Nomade Solo Exhibition – Blütengasse Offspace. Vienna, Austria,

2015     Territory – Blütengasse Offspace, Vienna, Austria

2015     City leaks -Urban Art Festival, Cologne, Germany

2015     Wer hat Angst vor dem Museum? Weltmuseum. Vienna, Austria.

2015     Hands on, Gallerie Bäckerstrasse 4, Vienna, Austria

2015     Artist in Residence – Projektraum Albrechtsfeld. Burgenland, Austria (Gallerie Bäckerstrasse 4)

2015     Lange Nacht der Kirchen. Edith Stein Kapelle – KGH. Vienna, Austria

2014     Sculpture Competition in Public Space. Peter & Adriana Hobart. Ricardo Palma Cultural

             Center. Lima, Peru.

2014     Annual Sculpture Competition. IPAE -15. Peruvian British Cultural

             Center. Lima, Peru.

2013     Sculpture Competition in Public Space. Peter & Adriana Hobart. Ricardo Palma Cultural Center.      Lima, Peru.

2013     Acero. Museum of Contemporary Art. Lima, Peru.

2013     Alacero 54. Lima, Peru.

2012     Art Festival Ostrale 0.12. Dresden, Germany.

2012     Graduate Exhibition. Cultural Center Pontifical Catholic University of Perú. Lima, Peru.