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The Quipu was a system used by the Incas as a form of communication through strings and knots to transmit data, calendrical information and spatial organization. As a memory of traditional knowledge and relationships based on indigenous cosmovisions, I propose a sound Quipu to reconnect humans and non-humans and re-signify nature and extend our concept of community with our own body and mind. I believe that sound is a door that can open other ways of understanding and relating to nature. This is why by recording voices, connecting them to the Quipu, I invite others to experience and perceive nature with sound, and to symbolically express their thoughts, emotions and their relationship with nature with a string and a knot attached to the Quipu.

Tying a knot is part of the construction of sculptural sound environments that aims to remember and commemorate knowledge, traditions and different relationships with nature and the cosmos. By collecting sounds, considering them as voices of different non-human beings, such as winds, rivers, oceans and whales, among others, I want to give space to the voices of these beings to listen and connect with them. The voices come from different local contexts and are made accessible in different spaces through the installation of sound Quipus. This project took place in Guadalajara Mexico, during February 2021.

Making a knot is a Ritual, which follows the idea of Quipu as the sound of voices, I invited participants to listen to sounds and reflect on their relationship with nature with the following questions: How do you connect with nature? What does nature mean to you? What importance do you give to nature because of the ecological crisis and the pandemic? Where does the sound take you? What kind of emotion does it produce in you? The action of making a knot, in the form of creating a Quipu, expresses how we feel and think about our relationship with nature.