NOMADE is a solo exhibition of Alfredo Ledesma Quintana, which includes works produced over a period of two years. The exhibition shows us in the collective imaginary a worldview based on the artist’s relationship with nature, mankind and his environment.

Ledesma Quintana searches through action and exploration—similar to archaeological research—the transit, experience and memory follow a series of clues that partially guide his work towards building a complex social panorama.

He moves in a territory in which he proposes an iconographic testimony of symbols and signs, through artistic techniques such as screen painting and sculpture. This testimony allows the artist and the viewer to be directly linked to the abstract and intangible part of a transformed territory.

In the process of the research, the artist plays with shapes intuitively, allowing him to understand a perspective of society. His works are part of this research process which covers a range of different aspects of identity. At the same time, it is the transition and behavior of the works in a habitat created by the collective imaginary and the artist’s critical sense. This habitat is the product of the movement of ideas, images, and concepts from the artist’s local space to a place out of his context, gaining as outcome the fact that his artwork shows codes and stereotypes in response to a new psychosocial environment where it is displayed.