Promise Land

“Tierra Prometida” (Promised Land) is the name of the town located at the entrance of the Ica desert, founded in 1998, where the victims of the El Niño phenomenon and the 2007 earthquake were relocated. Thus, by addressing concepts such as identity, landscape and nature, this project seeks to create awareness of the different ways of life that exist in a territory and the ways of relating to nature as a habitat, criticizing the unequal vision of making a city because of the poor distribution of resources. To do this, a ritual was performed that consists of a call to the rain as a being that generates, transforms and gives life. Through this ritual, we seek to make visible the original culture of the area and its inhabitants as inhabitants of the desert.
The desert is the stage that contains several natural actors—the wind, the sun, the moon, the dunes, and the water as absent. The project thus aims to relearn and decolonize the notion of landscape from a new aesthetic that subverts the predominance of the Western visual, related to power and politics, in favor of a multi-sensory approach in order to understand more broadly the concept of nature as being, generator and transmitter of knowledge.