This is a project carried out in the department of Amazonas in the province of Rodriguez de Mendoza, in a town called-Shucush, where my mother is from and with which I feel very connected with through the environment and the Family. This project seeks a joint reflection with the community about their customs, traditions and ancestral knowledge that are being lost. Among them: the use of the achiote seed as a cultural symbol in food and ceramics. The sugar mill as a space for sharing and working in community.  And the use of adobe (earth with straw) as an element in the construction of houses that better support and channel high temperatures of heat and rain. These elements are part of their life and ancestral knowledge that they have developed through the practice and transmission of a generational knowledge.

The State as a governmental institution brings with it the concept of development and modernity through projects such as the construction of houses for people with “scarce resources”. Through the materiality “cement” and the configuration of limited-closed spaces  through walls it imposes as a new form of modern life based on individualism and money, breaking community relations and their relationship with the environment and nature, where traditions and customs are lost in their ways of life.  For this reason, the intention of creating this enclosure is that through the action of building a place together, we can reactivate dialogue and reflect on issues that concern us as a community such as the resource of water and how to generate tools for a common good. This enclosure seeks to generate welfare in the community and revalidate this knowledge with the practice of rituals that is the basis of a life based on the concept of good living with and in harmony with nature.