The Hybrid

This project started from the participation of the students of the Art & Science department in two collaborative community based programs between Fužine (Croatia) and Vienna within the flagship 27 Neighborhoods in the frame of the European Capital of Culture Rijeka 2020, Port of Diversity.

The hybrid is a fusion of natural beings who manifest themselves as a unity through corporality. In this chapter a performance/ritual is made with the costume of a sheep as an attempt to be connected with other beings and to be in “another skin.”

It has the intention to offer us a view of different world-views. The physical presence is manifest in an open space as well as in the action of walking and interacting. This performance/ritual invites us to understand and accept different worlds and ways of thinking within a body, understanding the body as a bridge of different cultures, who embrace multiplicity. It is an alliance of the inhabitants that seek to reflect and question the way we relate between us and the others.