Through a symbolic intervention with textile, I am interested in reflecting on how we know and understand “nature”.Nature has the intention and need to express itself as it is and to articulate its own language. The Action invites us to think and question how we define nature, and understand it through its autonomy as an equal being, as person, and not just consider it as a cultural belief – as for example if indigenious communites understand a river as living being with intrinsic values- it is often understood as „only a cultural belief“ and with this downgrading it. In the constitution of Ecuador for example nature is considered a Subject of Law, and therefore is not only considered as a ressource to be exploited. ( i think in this direction we should go ) Following the proposal of Marisol de la Cadena in her text “Seres de Tierra” – “Being of the Earth” I repeat: it is possible to think of nature not only as a cultural belief, but also as a being-person, where I think it is important to mention that there is not only one definition of nature, but there are several definitions that come from different cultures.